Angus Genetics by John Gander
At the Trelay Land & Cattle Co. (TLC), we use the expertise of John Gander and his understanding of Angus cattle genetics.  We call it the GanderGate.  Our "keepers" have to get thru the GanderGate.  Working with John we have learned how to make better decisions based on superior genetics.  His study of the current Angus beef cattle environment keeps us informed and abreast of the industry changes.  This allows us to do what we do best .... feed and care for our herd and feeders, develop new products, manage our database and enjoy a good steak!
So, what does JGander Genetics really do? 
Early on, John explained the American Angus Association web pages and the vast number of tools, EPDs, deficiencies, registration details and pedigrees that can overwhelm anyone.  John helped us understand the data and gave us a comfort level we needed to strengthen our position in this business.
Next, John studied our Angus herd and gave us the confidence to make good culling decisions.  He counseled with us and together we made great  improvement.  While parting with a favorite cow is difficult, it is the genetics that will provide a better long term future.  
When it came to breeding, John gave us his recommendations on what bulls to use on the various cows with a  focus on carcass quality.  Especially the best use of AI bulls made extreme herd advances in genetics.  Resulting calves proved how important the right match really is.  We did not have the time or discipline to study and make these critical decisions ourselves.  
The Angus beef cattle business can be as complex as you make it.  At TLC we have found managing the parts we enjoy and working with those that provide the additional expertise is the best way forward.

For more information about John Gander see, www.ganderbeef.com.